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In February 2015, the WMC announced a project to support the advancement of women in the Canadian wood processing sector funded by the Status of Women Canada. The first phase of the project is underway: Sable Ridge Consulting has been hired to research barriers and challenges facing women working in the sector as well as strategies to support their advancement through mentoring.

UPDATE 5.10.15:
Sable Ridge Consulting has succesfully deployed a short questionnaire to gather the views of women working in or associated with the wood processing sector. The questionnaire has been shared widely and a strong sample - over 100 individuals - has been collected. 

Respondent Comments: The survey has great questions along the lines of if I felt there were fair opportunities for women in my role, if I felt safe in my work environment, if I had a mentor or people around me to support me, etc. The end of the survey was geared towards asking if having a network of women in the woodworking industry would be beneficial and if I would be interested in being mentored or being a mentor for someone within that network . . .   

This questionnaire responses and the individuals who have identified themselves as being available for further qualitative study will form the basis for next steps as the WMC begins to develop pilot MENTORSHIP programs in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Stay tuned for further updates as the project moves forward. For more information, please contact us at:

Wood Manufacturing Council

Phone: 613-567-5511 Email:   Lots of great tweets here: @WMC_CFB

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