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The Wood Manufacturing Council offers classroom presentations on career opportunities in our sector—from trades and apprenticeships, to shop supervisors and even top-level management. We present to audiences across Canada, working with industry, schools and community groups to open young minds to the broad spectrum of opportunities in the advanced wood manufacturing industry. Our goal is to present a career pathway to young people who are technically inclined, creative problem-solvers, and like working with their hands.

There are many educational pathways available to students who want to work in our sector, including:

  • Direct to work
  • Apprenticeships and trades
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Bachelor of Science degrees

Discover how technologically advanced the wood industry is today. Book one of our presentations and let us show you how computers, modeling programs and robotic automation are helping manufacturers get more from the most renewable and environmentally friendly building material we have on this planet—wood.

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